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  • Scientific data offers sound basis for policy. But the data is not as sound as required and consequences should be accepted.
  • Command and control policies will solve the ‘tragedy of the commons’. But tragedy of the commons is economic, social and institutional problem unlikely to be solved by TACs and technical measures.
  • Time is not a limiting factor. But short term interest of the industry must be reconciled with the long term recovery plans.
  • Financial support is necessary. But it gives structurally wrong incentives and creates uneven playing field. It delays restructuring instead of speeding it up.
  • Fishing industry plays an important role in many coastal regions. But evidence shows that this is a wrong assumption.
  • Large stocks are necessary to create ‘rent’. But why could rent not be created by small stocks?
  • Technological ‘creep’ should be prevented. But in the economy at large technological development is the basis for efficiency and competitiveness. Lack of technological progress maintains inefficient and uncompetitive industry, which than depends public support.
  • Fisheries sector is ‘different’. But not when it comes down to the bottom line of balance sheet. Nor when it comes to the will and inventiveness of the entrepreneurs to stay in business. And this is why they listen to economic incentives.

    Source: 'Economics of stock recovery - Ideals and illusions', Key-note speach at Inter-RAC meeting, 11-12 September 2008, Nantes, France. (download presentation)

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